Tutorials & Code Snippets

This section contains extensive tutorials that help you to get started on different topics of game development with Starling. Feel free to add your own tutorials to this list, and to add links to external resources!

Video Tutorials

Building Flash Games with Starling

Join Lee Brimelow in this project-style course (total length: three hours!) that teaches you how to build a complete shoot-em-up game with Starling! Find the course on lynda.com: Building Flash Games with Starling

Topics include:

  • Downloading and installing Starling and Flash Builder
  • Creating the project
  • Creating the main game class, static assets, and other classes
  • Building the state machine
  • Creating a static assets class
  • Adding images
  • Creating sprite sheets with Texture Packer
  • Creating and importing bitmap fonts
  • Detecting collisions
  • Adding particle effects
  • Adding sound effects

Starting with Starling

Building a Mobile App with Feathers and Starling

In this course, author Joseph Labrecque shows you how to use Starling and Feathers to create a fully functional drawing app, suitable for both desktop and mobile. Find the course on lynda.com.

Topics include:

  • Downloading the frameworks and the AIR SDK
  • Configuring the project
  • Implementing a theme
  • Creating the screen classes
  • Adding a navbar component
  • Building the classes
  • Returning saved files
  • Publishing a project
  • Installing and running the app


Written Tutorials

Getting Started

Display Objects

Custom Display Objects

Game Development


Performance Optimization

Build Process

Custom Particle Systems

Open Source Games

  • Whack! is a great Starling-based game that is fully Open Source. Find out all about it here.
  • Hungry Hero, the game developed in the course of Hemanth Sharma's video tutorial (described a little further up) is Open Source, too!
  • Gem's Home, an imitation of a Cocos2d-X demo. Screenshots: 1, 2

Code Snippets

There are things every Starling developer needs now or then, but it's not worth adding it to Starling directly, or to create an extension for it. If you know such a useful little helper, please add it to this list!

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