Compile the examples

The Citrus Engine has many code examples ready to compile and test on its GitHub repository including free assets.

Thanks to their package name in their src folder, it's easy to choose the demo you want to test. Follow the instruction in the main file!

you can also choose a package/example set one of its file as the document class / compile target in your IDE. Don't forget to include the assets in your project though :

  • assets
  • bin (all the content in bin, required to launch many examples, you might need to copy and paste to your local bin)
  • embed
  • lib (some libraries that you might need to include)

Now this is a class one can set as a Document Class in one's IDE

problem you may have with this is it will compile lots of things, if not everything from all the examples. So you need to have the assets folder, the embed folder, and everything that's in the bin folder to run any example.

The only good thing about this class though, is you can choose the example you want to try by name (package name actually). At least one of us contributor is using this launcher to test examples compatibility.

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