We think that good documentation is equally important as having a good API in the first place! This page will help you find out all you need to know about Starling.

Internal Sources

Read the Manual The Manual

The Starling Manual provides an introduction to developers who want to learn the basic principles of Starling. After reading this document, you should be able to start developing your project with Starling. → Read the Manual

Browse the Tutorials Tutorials & Code Snippets

This section contains extensive tutorials (written and as videos) that help you to get started on different topics of game development with Starling. You can also find code snippets that might come in handy on your games. → Browse the Tutorials

External Sources

Get the 'Starling Handbook' The Starling Handbook

The one-stop-shop for Starling developers, written by Starling's author himself. Whether you are a raw recruit or you have been around since the very first beta — the Starling Handbook has you covered! → Get it as ebook or paperback from

View the API Reference API Reference

The API reference is created directly from the source of Starling. Bookmark it to get information about specific classes or methods easily! You can either view the reference for the latest stable version or have a look at the archive.

Visit the Support Forum Support Forum

The support forum is the hub for the Starling community. If you can't find what you need in the above sources, feel free to pay it a visit. Your fellow Starling coders might be able to help! Starling's main developer is a frequent guest, as well. → Visit the Support Forum

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