Here is a list of games and other apps that were created with the help of Starling. Please add your project to the top of this list! Find out how to do that here.

Steampunk Idle Spinner

Spin cogwheels to power the money making machine, pump balloons, tap coins to increase their value, place and upgrade engines or give a further boost to your money machine with ore from mines. Then open a portal and discover new worlds, such as Floating Islands or Clockwork City

Itch App Store Google Play2018-12

Gin Rummy Champions

Fun online gin game with Gin Rummy Champions! Perfect for passing time. Challenge others, collect golds, rise in the leaderboard, become a gin rummy champion now!

Google Play2022-06

Rummy 500 Live

Play addictive online rummy 500 card game with Rummy 500 Live! HD graphics, lively animations, join now, play rummy 500!

Google Play2022-03

Farm and Mine

Combined farming and mining simulator with city building. The game features over 50 facilities and 15 production chains. As you grow your city new facilities are unlocked

App Store Google Play Itch2021-08

Dice Paradise

Dice Paradise is an addictive match-clear type game with stunning beach vaporwave themed art. Roll the dice and place them into the grid to make matches in rows and columns to clear them out and rack up the points.

Website App Store2021-08


KnockDown is an entertaining fun for children of all ages. The aim is to hit tin cans with a ball and clear them away.


Rock Bunny

An invasion of plants from outer space has begun! Fortunately Rock Bunny knows the secret to defeat them…Vegetables! Help Rock Bunny stop the invasion by launching a good dose of vitamins with veggie missile. Combat the vicious plants in 5 post apocalyptic cities, beat 100 levels, and have fun testing your skills in this physics based game!

App Store Google Play2020-09

Idle Tower Builder

You are in charge of building the world's highest tower. Build the tower to the sky and beyond! Gather or produce the necessary resources and fulfill your aim: mine stone, chop wood and make upgrades.

App Store Google Play Itch2020-08

YouTube Movie Maker

YouTube Movie Maker is an easy-to-use video editing software that allows you to record and edit game videos, lyrics videos, and share them on YouTube.

Website Facebook 2020-07

Lithium City

Lithium City is a stylized isometric action game set in a neon-drenched world of electricity and violence.

Steam 2020-06

Shapik: The Moon Quest

A touching and atmospheric quest, the story of which unfolds in a mysterious world after a nuclear war.

Steam 2020-04 Google Play 2021-01

Hexa Games: Hexagon Number Puzzles Collection

Hexagon puzzles: collection of match 3 hexa number games and puzzles for the whole family adults and kids.

Google Play


Kid Sandwich

Get ready to make some sandwiches! You play as Kid Sandwich - the apprentice of Sensei Sandwich. Test your memory as you prepare bigger and bigger sandwiches against the clock!

App Store Google Play2019-09

flap flap - picou picou

Help picou picou to fly through the obstacles with the help of flap flaps! Flap flap is a game with various difficulty levels, from a relaxing obstacle free flight, to the very hardcore maximum sensitive collision levels, thus is appropriate for all family members, from the small gradeschooler to bigger “children” 99+ years old!

Google Play2019-12

Crossdoku: Math Crossword Sudoku

Crossdoku is a great math crossword sudoku puzzle to practice logic, math and deductive reasoning skills at the same time for the whole family adults and kids. It has many different Sudoku number junctions puzzles.

Google Play App Store Amazon Appstore 2019-12

Drive Off

Drive Off is a 2D police driving android game. Drive your police car on a highway in the middle of the night.

Google Play Amazon App Store


Swap n Merge

Swap n Merge is a brand new puzzle game. Just swap numbers in any directions to match 3 numbers in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Google Play App Store Amazon App Store 2019-08

Tired of 2048? Try 33

Are you a big fan of 2048? then try 33. You will play with all numbers 1,2,3,4,5, … ,∞.

Google Play App Store Amazon App Store 2019-07

Engineer Millionaire

Mad science machines and incredible contraptions: everything working to make you rich!

Amazon App Store Google Play Itch2019-05


PUZZLIC - jigsaw puzzle games with thematical packs of images, each of which shows one chapter in the life of main characters - family.

App Store Google Play2019-05


Develop your skills and knowledge in the physics of electrical circuits!

App Store Google Play2019-05

Tiny Swipers

Drawing and painting app where you create hundreds of legendary characters by swapping parts and customize with crazy accessories and backgrounds.

App Store Google Play


Tiny Trees

Tiny Trees allows you to join Cosmo and Nora on their adventure to help them save a little plant that is lost in space.

App Store


Tongo Circus

Children App for getting to know some classical music. With its very simple interaction, the beautifully chosen music and the sweet graphics, it is aimed at rather young children.

App Store2019-05

Robot Jack

Funny, dynamic, addictive puzzle game. Think, play, solve!

Facebook App Store Google Play2019-04

Match Cards: Brain Game

Boost your memory, sharpen your brain and improve your concentration. Be brain Fit.

App Store Google Play2019-03

Play Math Games

Train and sharp your brain with math games and puzzles. Practice math with games. Free math games for everyone. Best math practice for all family members.

Google Play2019-03

Photo Play – Find it!

The classic eagle eye trainer is back! Spot the differences & collect rings – will you be able to fill up your album?

App Store Google Play2019-01

Columns +: Match 3 Numbers

It's a simple and amusing Match 3 game. You can't stop playing.

Google Play App Store Amazon App Store 2019-01

Columns 2048: Match 3 Numbers

You have to direct the falling columns to make 3 or more same numbers adjacent to each others only horizontally or vertically.

Google Play Amazon App Store 2019-01

Numbers Planet: Games and Puzzles

This is a collection of more than 25 simple and challenging games about numbers and math.

Google Play App Store Amazon App Store 2018-12

Good Morning, Friends!

Morning story for kids. It is an unique game and interactive quest for the the smallest!

Website App Store Google Play 2018-12

Stickman Combats

The outstanding online shooter game with RPG elements, styled as 2D platformekssokssslssls?Alas?also slideshow lawmakers Jennifer Jennifer

creativity Room

Virtual Creativity Room Application for creative thinking, positive energy & teamwork.

Apple Appstore Google Play2018-09

Drum Pad Beats

Drum Pad Beats is a fun beat/composer – scene/remixer to capture those ideas when that flash of inspiration hits while away from the studio.

Google Play - 2018-06

Lil Drum Machine

The Lil Drum Machine is aimed at users that want to experiment with rhythms in isolation and then have the ability to export their beats to wav, ogg, midi loops.

Google Play - 2017-02

Caustic Guide

Caustic Guide is a Sound Library Manager that imports and exports Caustic 3.2 rack data. Save your favorite machines, effect settings, mixer settings and more, then reload into existing or new .caustic files.

Google Play - 2017-06


Superstring is a Mac & Windows app that lets you create your own lyric videos. It's never been easier to make lyric videos.

Website Facebook2018-07

Turbo Track

Not your typical racing game! Race on tracks from players, with racers that have special abilties like teleporters. Alliances and Tournaments.

Apple Appstore Google Play


How to Predict your future with Oracle

A miracle circle , called Oracle, that guides you to predict your future

Google Play2018-05

Clash Of Fight

Real Time Monster Match-3 Game With Online & Offline Mode.

Facebook Google Play2018-05

Enigmata: Stellar War

An exciting spin on the tower defense genre, build a base with unlimited customization within a vast universe to explore!

Trailer App Store Google Play 2018-05

Wolle Waschbär

Help Wolle, the little raccoon, to accomplish 15 funny quests.

Website App Store Google Play2018-05

Star Quest: TCG

Your spaceship has crashed in a mysterious planet during a space battle. Build a fleet and prepare yourself for the ultimate space Trading Card Battle.
Website Trailer App Store Google Play Facebook Kongregate2018-03

Bubbletime Math: Addition & Subtraction

A fun math game that teaches kids basic addition and subtraction facts. Advance through 40 levels of addition and subtraction by popping bubbles!
Facebook Website App Store Game Trailer2018-03

Memory Heat

Memory/match up game with animated 3d characters. Three worlds (Western, Aliens and Pirates) with each five levels!

Google Play App Store Gameplay Trailer Website2018-03

Inside Pete

Join your friends on Facebook to take out Rovio's famous pigs with enhanced special effects in the most social Angry Birds yet!

Facebook App Store Google Play Gameplay Trailer Website2018-01


Feeling chivalrous? Help cheepcheeps rediscover their forgotten ability to fly! Launch your gallant bunntails (bunny knights) and purrpaws (cat knights) to give the cheepcheeps the boost they need to reach tower goals!

Facebook App Store Google Play Story Trailer Gameplay Trailer2018-02


Antihero is a fast-paced digital board game with an (Oliver) Twist. Recruit street urchins, hire thugs, start a gang, upgrade your guild, steal everything… and bribe, blackmail, and assassinate your way to victory. Single-player and online multiplayer for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Website Steam App Store Google Play2018-01

Thinking World 4 - Room Escape

This is a room escape game Santa Claus invited you!

Google Play2017-12

Gary Fleckner Hearts Ice Cream

Gary Fleckner Hearts Ice Cream is an addictive downhill runner that puts you in control of Gary Fleckner, a reclusive who simply can’t resist the tasty temptations of ice cream.

Website App Store2017-12

Baby Games

Baby Games Pro is collection of 9 entertaining games and educational activities for babies, toddlers and children aged 0 to 6 and over.

Website App Store Google Play2017-12

Tap Tales

Ready your fingers and jump right into Tap Tales - a card collecting game all about tapping! With your cards you can travel the world, solve crime, make millions and even explore the dark side as you tap your way through each character's unique tales and challenges.

Tap Tales App Store Google Play Facebook Twitter Play Town2017-11

Master of Football Tricks 3D

For all the football players in the world and the soccer lovers in the US, here it is: 'Master of Football Tricks 3D' - Dribbling Tutorials App in 3D. Learn and train the best football tricks to get past defenders. A must for every follower of the football art!

Website App Store Google Play2017-11

Homeless: Long Way Match 3 Game

Something weird came to the town and a lot of pets started to disappear. It seemed like somebody was stealing them… Somebody evil and terrible. Pets badges only remained on the crime scene and nothing else. Brave Cat and Dog decided to find out what happens.

Google Play2017-10

The Button - multiplayer puzzle game

The purpose of the game is to be faster, more focused and smarter. Find all numbers from 1 to 40 first and launch a missile at your friend. Each game is really quick and intense.

App Store Google Play2017-10

Hookshot Towers

Armed with only two grappling hook launchers, you must scale up towers of increasing difficulty levels and defeat the monsters within.

Facebook App Store Google Play2017-08

Colorpeas: Match 3

A really funny arcade match 3 game with a twist: The level is rotating!

Level timer is counting down! Clear each level in a given amount of time, and share your highscore with your friends. FREE to download, easy to play, hard to master!

Google Play Website Facebook2017-08

The Snowball Fight

A fierce snowy defense of the player's hill. The hill is invaded by waves of snow foes who dance and throw huge snowballs at the player. YOU, the Player, are vastly outnumbered in this wintery peril but possesses a superior arsenal comprised of various elemental projectile and power-ups.

iOS App Store Google Play Store Website Facebook Youtube2017-08

Music Beach

Interactive music scene for kids.

Web App Store Google Play2017-04

Juanito Arcade Mayhem

The ultimate arcade-hopping adventure. Each level adds a new mechanic from the videogame that inspired it. Travel unique worlds, face stunningly animated bosses and join the fight against the clonocell invasion!

Steam Facebook Twitter2017-08

Stovia Creep TD

TD game. Tower defense against creeps with abilities. Use gems to upgrade towers.

Google Play2017-07

Magic Quest: TCG

Create your Hero and summon minions to defeat your enemies in this Epic Adventure! There are lots of different classes to discover and and infinite number of different cards to collect! What are you waiting for?

Facebook App Store Google Play Kongregate2017-05

Just Fishing

Better way to catch fish. PC F2P simulator. Come join your friends and our fishing community in fun and exciting F2P fishing simulator game “Just Fishing”! Dozens of lakes and rivers to visit, over 100 fish species to catch, daily tournaments and competitions. No more excuses, catch that trophy, win your prize! Play #JustFishing!“



Pixelsphere is a 2d-sidescroller with an interactive musical soundtrack. Get ready for classic platformer action, exploration, physics & music puzzles, and of course, pixel art!

★100% free game & 4-hour ambient soundtrack download★

Facebook Web2017-04



Journey through an enchanted Faerie Kingdom filled with rainbow coloured realms and stunning creatures where powerful faeries are the protectors against the Darklings and their minions.

youtube Squish Facebook App Store

100 Hands - Video Poker

Download Now! The new 100 Hands Video Poker game for FREE!
Extra Features: ★ Daily Bonus. ★ No Ads!

Google Play2017-02

Zombieland Slots & Solitaire

Download Now! The new Zombieland Slots and Tripeaks Solitaire games for FREE!
New Features: ★ Daily Bonus Coins ★ Best Slots Experience ★ Compete Against Leaderboard ★ Amazing Bonus Game

Google Play2017-02

Rock Climber Slots & Solitaire

Download Now! The new Rock Climber's Slots and Tripeaks Solitaire games for FREE!
New Features: ★ Daily Bonus Coins ★ Best Slots Experience ★ Compete Against Leaderboard ★ Amazing Bonus Game

Google Play2017-02


w8lifts is the perfect digital support for your workouts. Set for set our app helps you to increase your workout volume and exercise 1RM and is so much more than a traditional workout log. Flexible, intelligent, comfortable and social. Convince yourself now and download w8lifts for free!

App Store Google Play2017-03


Connect 3 on a scale!

Facebook App Store


Cube Switch

Addictive arcade action with Cube Switch! Play through three modes: Standard - keep on the path, avoid the traps and keep your health up. Time Attack - your health decreases over time. collect stars, and take wing paths to survive. Color Attack - keep on the path that matches the cube color. Achieve your own personal best, can you switch it up? Play now for FREE!

Facebook Google Play2017-02

Swords and Sandals 2 Redux

Swords and Sandals Gladiator, are you ready to unleash hell in the arena?
The world's favourite gladiator game has returned, bigger and more action packed then ever. Swords and Sandals 2: Emperor's Reign returns, remastered with all new graphics, music and powerful new skills and Arena Champions.

Facebook App Store Google Play2017-01


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