Showcase — 2012


A high flying adventure for all ages. Stay in the air for as long as you can while collecting T-Bucks to purchase new characters and keep your power ammo stocked and loaded!

Available for iPhones & iPods & Android Devices.
Support the Cause or get a closer look. — 2012-12

Smart Aliens

Challenge and trap your Facebook friends to find as many words as possible and become the smartest alien of the galaxy. Participate in the “Smart Aliens” contest to decode the messages sent from Earth. Available on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad! Check out on App Store.

Read more on our site. — 2012-12

World Travel with DoGooder Jr.

DoGooder Jr., the young hero next door, is out on a world trip. His nemesis, Evil Professor Skalivag, plans to sabotage it. DoGooder Jr. needs your help to ward off Skalivag’s dirty tricks. Can you help him? If you are a quiz fanatic, you will enjoy this game! Note: This game is for iPads only. You can link to your game Check out on App Store.



Exercise your brain with Brainmemoria. This app is packed with 12 mini-games to help you train your working memory, improve focus and concentration. With an easy-to-use interface, progress tracking, music – Brainmemoria will help you entertain and have fun while exercising your brain.

Available on the App Store

Christmas Toys

Christmas Eve, Santa Claus in a hurry to children losing gifts on his way, catch them, and collect your favorite Xmas toy! Available on Google Play and Apple Store. Visit official in4ray team page on Facebook. Rate our game and share with your friends!

Read more on our site. — 2012-12

Last Resistance

After long years fighting a war against alien invaders, all humanity has been decimated and you are the last resistance on Earth. Take up your position and fight to eliminate as much aliens as you possibly can!

Available on Apple App Store. Gameplay video on Youtube. — 2012-11

Diamond Speedy

Developed with Air and Starling, the game supports multiscreen on different devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Kindle, desktop (Facebook), etc. Game Play Video. The game is available on: Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon Kindle Store, and Facebook. Developer website: Digicrafts


Strip The Difference 4: Uncut

Find the Difference game with a twist! All levels are ultra high quality 3D renders with animated cute sexy girls to distract you! The differences are also randomized, so even if you are playing the same level again, it will be different! The differences are hard to find but hopefully the magnifying glass will help! ;-)

Available on the PlayStore.

Little Snake vs The Almighty Dinosaur Kingdom

Little Snake is born into tragedy. Dinosaurs have slain his whole family! It doesn't take him long to come up with a plan on how to take on the gigantic foes: By going after their unborn offspring!

LSvsTADK is a score-driven action game that takes the classic snake mechanics and updates them to modern arcade gaming tastes. It's available on the AppStore. Promo website.


In dice² you get 20 turns to see how many points you can rack up in this unique and addictive virtual dice game. Get combos and beat your high scores to earn achievement badges! The more you play, the faster you'll be able to place sequences, and figure out board-clearing strategies and top-score-earning tricks. Play for a few minutes, or a few hours - dice² will keep you hooked!

Available for iOS on the AppStore Promo Video2012-10

The Dragons Time

Meet The Dragons! A pack of mini games that will make your fingers dance as fast as possible, your eyes react as soon as possible and your brain as quick as possible!

Available for iOS on AppStore - iPad AppStore - iPhone (FREE).
Available for Android on Google Play Store (FREE) Amazon Store (FREE).

Busy Toddler

Three mini games for toddler in one package.

Available for iOS iPad on the AppStore


Toyota Playground

Toyota Playground is a fun, creative app that lets kids play their favourite games with the My Family™ characters. With five interactive activities, kids create, explore and use their problem solving skills while having fun with characters based on their own family.

Available for iOS on the AppStore and Android on Google Play

Crazy Link is a classic fun puzzle game. Select two of the same icon, if the lines connect them are not more than 3, and no touch on other icons, then these two icons are removed.

Available for iOS on AppStore


CNU Cup Game

The Central Nacional Unimed takes to you the traditional game of “where's the ball” to the screen of your iPhone / iPad / iPod / Android device. With progressive and endless levels of difficulty, you will spend hours playing this simple and addictive game. Do not lose sight of the ball! You can only miss three times!

Available for iOS on AppStore and for Android on Google Play2012-10

Smash Cake Hero

Smash Cake Hero is a FREE Android game! Are you ready to Smash deliciuos cupcake? You will really enjoy the total destruction of cupcake, you must be ready to hit the cake without no mercy … But be aware from the evil mushrooms, they are poisonous and will put a end to your cupcake hunt.

Google Play2012-09

Dyer Hit World

Travel into space and live the adventures of Dyer the Hair-Dryer in this reversed Shoot'Em Up, a prequel to the upcoming game FLY'N. Fasten your seat-belt and take off aboard the Cosmic Megabin!
Available on Newgrounds.

FLY'N devblog, 2012-09


Infectonator gives you all the awesomeness of Infecting people, turn them into zombies, and dominate the World once again from the palm of your hands! The Infectonator series is now mobile: available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store, for Android on Google Play, and for Flash on Armor Games., 2012-09


Save the Green Gelly! The Green Gelly's home is being devoured by a massive black hole! As a member of B.A.S.A, the Black hole Annihilation Safety Agency, your mission is to save those Green Gellies from annihilation.
Available for Android on Google Play and for iOS on iTunes.

23Gen Facebook, 2012-09

Mystery Balls

Very addictive puzzle game with a lot of explosions! Your goal is to match at least 3 balls of the same color in any straight line. Once the line is composed, all balls of the same color adjacent to line are removed.
Available for iPad on the App Store., 2012-09

Baby Count Hamster

Teach your kid to count as they search for colorful hamsters! Learning to count is never so fun, even you can play too. Discover unique species to keep as pets.
Available for all iOS devices on the App Store.

Lionstork Studios, 2012-09

Bunny Gals Poker

Need some training before going to casino? Don’t want to lose cash to the video poker machine? Or just craving for a poker game? Bunny Gals Poker provides you with the fun to enjoy Poker without worrying about losing your money!
Available on the App Store for iOS devices: Free, Premium Version.

Lionstork Studios, 2012-09

Sudoku Beauty

Ready to take on your daily Sudoku training with the Sudoku Beauties? All puzzles are specially generated so no two puzzles are ever the same!
Available on the App Store for iOS devices (Free, Premium Version), and on Google Play.

Lionstork Studios, 2012-09


In this funny animal learning game, children can paint colorful animal pictures. Game engine use hardware layers blending and multi touch features from starling framework.

iOS version. Android version. InspiritGames website.



This game is an action arcade game for people who want fun and love a challenge. The game was developed by starling framework available to download at the Apple store.!!!

iOS App Store download link. my website. — 2012-09


Do you like to play Scrabble® or Sudoku? Then you will simply love Mathagon! Mathagon combines puzzling tactics with mathematic equations and poses an ultimate challenge for you to meet.

Web version, Android and AppStore Links available at — 2012-08

Scrubbing for Love

After facing betrayal from his previous love and saved by a human girl, out hero is out to find his savior, and true love, by scrubbing windows in a skyscraper where the girl was last seen. He must dodge falling objects, hornets and eagles, while trying to focus on the objective even when the girls inside the apartments are stripping down.

For Mobile IOS or Android. For PC Indievania For Facebook Facebook.


InterSpace is very nice and colorful game where you move your rocket up and down in order not to hit the obstacles, save planet earth and to collect galaxies which will help you reach better score and have allot of fun! InterSpace is optimized for all iOS and Android devices (phones and tablets)!!!

iOS App Store download link. Google Play download link. — 2012-08

Cute Animal Life

Cute Animal Life is an entertaining app for kids up to the age of 3. It features dozens of little animals, sounds, and other funny objects. It's the first game ever by Biondoo Games. The game is available on Google Play, a version iPhone / iPad is planned for later release. I sincerely hope your kids will have a good time with it! :)


DataFizz S&P500

A colorful, whimsical, interactive data visualization of the S&P 500 index. Compare various metrics (market cap, volume, cash, debt etc…) across all components or just specific industries. Data updated 1-3 times daily. Not compatible with iPad 1.

Available on the App Store. — 2012-07

Shockwaves for iPad

Rack 'em up and set 'em off. Air hockey with bombs. Fun and simple board game for two players on one iPad. Set off bombs to push the ball into your opponents endzone. Made with Starling and Nape. Tweak the physics settings in the app settings to try out different scenarios. Shockwaves.


Hanuman Game

A sample game built using nape framework. Game can be played at Hanuman Game. Source code of the game is available at GitHub repository.

Kids Puzzles

“Kids Puzzles” is a simple, and fun puzzle game for kids. This app will help your children improve their shape recognition, cognitive thinking. - “Kids Puzzles” includes 47 cute animals, your children will have lot of fun with them. - While playing this game, kids could learn the name of animals and improve their pronunciation.

Available on the App Store — 2012/07

ABCKids 1 : Alphabet and Numbers

The game is designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners to learn the letters of the alphabet and numbers. This app is packed with 8 interactive games to help your child recognize and play with the letters and numbers. - Children enjoy learning their letters and numbers when they are playing alphabet and numbers games.

Available on the App Store — 2012/07

ABCKids 2 : Animals and Fruits

The game is designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners to learn the sound of animals, the name of fruits and animals. This app is packed with 8 interactive games to help your children have fun while learning to their animals and fruits. - ABCKids 2 is fun app for your kids to recognize fruits, animals and their sounds, they will love learning with this great game.

Available on the App Store — 2012/07

ABCKids 3 : Sea Animals and Birds

- The game is designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners to learn the name of sea animals and birds. This app is packed with 8 interactive games to help your children have fun while learning to their sea animals and birds - ABCKids 3 is fun app for your kids to recognize sea animals and birds, they will love learning with this great game.

Available on the App Store — 2012/07

First Words For Kids

- The game is designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners to learn to recognize words and improve their spelling skills. This app includes 3 game modes: “Missing Letter”, “Make Words”, and “Memory Match”.

Available on the App Store — 2012/07

Kids Logic

- The game is designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners to build their logic and reasoning skills. This app is packed with 6 interactive games to help your children recognize the numbers, alphabet, animals, colors and words - With a simple interface and funny music, it’s very easy for your kids to learn in right way.

Available on the App Store — 2012/07

Animal Match

- The game is designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners. This app will help your children increase their memory skills, focus and concentration. - “Animal Match” includes cute animals and their funny sounds, kids will quickly learn and play. Memory match game is a great way for children to sharpen their memory skills.

Available on the App Store — 2012/07

Puzzle de colores

Puzzle game made for kids. Use your mouse to complete the puzzle. site.



Voleyball game made for kids. Use CURSOR KEYS to move your player and SPACE BAR to



Platform game made for kids. Help Bugs eat as many carrots as possible. To jump press the UP CURSOR KEY. site.


Stephanie the Frog is going for a walk

The first fully interactive and beautifully illustrated book starring Stephanie the Frog! Our heroine will help your child learn the clothes we put on according to the season, and both the wardrobe and the quiz will help consolidate the new vocabulary! Available in the App Store and soon on Google Play.


Vicky the Viking Part 2 - See you in Flake

The world's most famous viking returns to the iPhone and iPod touch: Steer Vicky through the 32 exciting levels of this platform game and help his girlfriend Ylvi! Available in the Apple App Store.


Squeeze Me

Compete with your friends in squeezing paste from the tube! Play it on Google Play , Apple Store and visit official game fun page on Facebook. Rate our game and share with your friends!

Read more on our site.


Ruby Blast

Ruby Blast uses Starling to deliver stunning graphics and smoother gameplay. It's a simple yet addictive game which will attract players of all capabilities and devotion levels.

Join the fun on Facebook! and iOS!


Hungry Hero

Hungry Hero is a game built using Starling Framework and is designed to run on the web, tablets and phones.
This game was developed as part of the tutorial series on learning Starling Framework. Get it for your iPad on the App Store!


Spa Life

Spa Life

Can you keep your demanding clients happy? You'll need to! Play Spa Life now, and build a luxurious spa! Available for the iPad in the App Store.


Band-Aid Aquablock

Use your finger to collect as many coins as you can, but beware: avoid contact with any obstacles or hazardous sea creatures that can hurt you! Beat the challenges of the sea and have fun with Band-Aid Aquablock. The game is available for iPod, iPhone and iPad at the App Store.


My Customizable Memory

Customize this game for yourself or for your kids: add your photos, choose your colors…and play ! This memory game will delight the whole family.. You can play it on Google Play


Jungle Memory

Jungle Memory is a memory game with some cool stuff : moving cards and particules effect. You can play it on Google Play



Grabbit is a fast paced action game where you take control of a frog and attempt to catch as many bugs as you can before the time runs out. Be careful though, because the bugs will fight back. It has two single player modes (Classic and Frenzy) as well as a 2 Player split screen mode that allows you to compete against your friends. Grabbit is available in the App Store and on Google Play. You can also read more about it on my website. — 2012-05


Simple rules but not that simple game. Kubikoo is a puzzle game, based on the same logic as the famous Rubik's cube. Available on Google Play : free version of full version.

AppStore : full version


Escape Rocket HD

Escape Rocket

The Earth was destroyed and you're the last hope!
Avoid the obstacles and beware of comets app store.



Memoria is an addictive puzzle game with 3 difficulty levels. Watch as the blocks move and then repeat the sequence. Website.


Afterburner AS3 Facile

Using the graphics of Waste Invaders, I created an engine powered by the Frameworks Pixlib and Starling. Read a french tutorial, download the source code, and play the game online.
You can also download the source code for Android. This game runs at 45fps on a Motorola Milestone 2, and uses less than 7 MB of Memory.



Apsis is a simple and addictive physics game where you control an orbiting rocket ship in deep space. Visit to download the game for iOS, Google Play, and the Nook.


Fat Rockets

Defend the Earth against waves of Fat Rockets in this retro arcade shooter. Available from iTunes App Store Here. Website featuring full online Leaderboard Here.


Bestial Combat


“Bestial Combat” is a great Beat-'em-Up game developed with Starling and Nape. You can play it online here!


Zombie Sports

The humans are dead and zombies rule the world! With no delicious human brains left to eat, and with a lot of time on their rotting hands, the zombies have decided to hold a sports day. Available in the iTunes App Store.


Winter on Whale Island

This beautifully animated kids' game shows how audio input, gesture control, and Starling graphics can bring a world to life. Get in on the iTunes App Store.


Spaced Away

With only a small fuel reserve and even fewer oxygen, trapped in an escape pod in the middle of asteroid field you have to find your way back home. How? Use your brain, reflexes and orbital acceleration. Read how it was created or download it in the App Store.


Angry Birds

Join your friends on Facebook to take out Rovio’s famous pigs with enhanced special effects in the most social Angry Birds yet! Play it on Facebook.



“Whack!” is a great Starling-based game that is fully Open Source! play the game online and read how it was put together.


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