Creating a new Entry

On the page with the list of Starling games, first click on the “Edit this page” button at the bottom of the page (the leftmost button of the footer). You will now enter the edit-mode of the wiki page.

In the editor that comes up, you will find all the existing games. They are all set up similar to this code template:

===== Angry Birds =====

{{:games:angry_birds.png?nolink&100 |}}

Join your friends on Facebook to take out Rovio's famous pigs with 
enhanced special effects in the most social Angry Birds yet! 

[[|App Store]]
[[|Google Play]]
--- //2012-01//

This is how any game entry is made up:

  • The first line is the header. Insert the name of your game here.
  • The following cryptic characters actually point to the game's logo. More on that below.
  • Next, there's room for a concise description of the game. Keep it short, please!
  • The last lines contain links to the various stores and/or web pages where the game can be played, as well as the date of the release.

Copy this template code directly above the game that is currently at the top; then edit its name and description.

Please keep the description short, no longer than a few lines! This should be a concise list of Starling-powered games, not an advertisement.

Uploading the Image

Delete the line of the template that shows the image, but leave your cursor at that position. Now find the button with the small picture frame and click on it to open up the media manager.

Click on “Select Files …” and choose the file from your hard disk. It should be at least 100×100 pixels wide. After selecting the file, click on “Upload”.

When the image upload is ready, the filename of the image will appear as a link at the top. Click on that link, and a new overlay will pop up:

Choose the link settings as shown above, and then click on “Insert”.

That's it!

Are you still with me? If you have problems, you can contact us (e.g. via the forum) and we will add the application for you. Just be sure to provide the icon and a short description.

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