Showcase 2016

Fly Choppy

Fly Choppy is a very popular game with simple one-button controls. Enjoy~!!

Google Play 2016-12

Seven Sins Inferno

Seven Sins Inferno is an arcade game. Spiro must break through the seven realms of sins to obtain freedom, and he needs your help. Use your angelic touch to guide Spiro against ghoulish foes and fiendish obstacles on his daunting quest. Can you help him succeed, or watch him fall back to the abyss?

Facebook Fan Page Google Play2016-11

Turkey Roast

Drag food and clocks to your turkey's mouth and stuff it as fast as you can to make the biggest roast for the holidays!

App Store Google Play2016-11


Thword is fast paced word game with 2 modes of play. Rampage mode puts you against the clock. How many points can you earn in 3 minutes? Endurance mode puts you against a fuse. The more points you earn the more time you get. The longer you take the more time you lose. Reach max time and level up!

App Store Google Play2016-11


Oggoelement is a puzzle game. You receive unknown origin signals represented by symbols. The goal is to bring together in pairs without them out of the game grid. With a little concentration you can unlock all levels one by one.

App Store2016-11

Silicon Valley: Billionaire

Dreams do come true! Become the hottest CEO in Silicon Valley. Grow your company to become a billionaire!

App Store Google Play2016-10

Super Moto Barf

You're a surly old man on a moto with a hankering for ham and a gnarly case of indigestion. Avoid obstacles and barf on everything in your path!

App Store Google Play2016-10

Easy Guitar Tuner

This chromatic tuner allows you to quickly and accurately tune your instruments by using the built-in microphone.

Google Play Guitar Tuner Online2016-10

Octopus Battle

The game consists of two rounds. The player receives 2 to 8 octopus with whom he must dislodge the enemy from the field. Available 3 modes: online, adventure, 2 players. Play together on one device with your friends, online or against the computer!

Google Play2016-10

Finding Frez

Oh for the love of travel where is Frez?? Finding Frez is a fun filled compulsive crafter where game play meets trivia. This unique setup offers exciting thrills of awesomely beautiful graphics including a flying jet, floating clouds, upbeat music and challenging levels.

App Store2016-10

Discover Music

In the app for kids, children learn all about music, and classical music in particular. A fun, engaging educational app — for kids and the whole family. No ads, and no in-app purchases. The app has been designed by experienced music teachers and illustrators.

Web App Store Google Play2016-09


Try to help SpongeBox to jump to reach the next stair. The game requires more control, speed and accuracy.

Google Play2016-09

Little Builder

Let your child unleash their creativity as they place blocks one on top of another to build complex and beautiful structures. Then turn on gravity to see if it remains standing or topples to the ground.

App Store Google Play2016-09

NCIS - Hidden Crimes

You are now a part of the best NCIS Special Agents in Washington, D.C. As you progress through episodic adventures, search for clues in captivating locations, reveal the suspects, make the arrest and put away the criminals. NCIS: Hidden Crimes takes you on thrilling investigations to unmask a secretive conspiracy!

Website App Store Google Play2016-09

Crystals Constellations

Draw lines through crystals and make constellations! Clear all of the obstacles to move on to the next level.

App Store2016-09


Protect Yourself from a Groping False Charge with Playing a Game!
This is multi touch shooting game!

Web Google Play2016-08

Healthy Hero

The game encourages children to eat healthy food such as fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoid harmful fast food such as donuts, burgers, soft drinks, sandwiches, sausages and others because they cause obesity and many diseases.

Google Play2016-08

Missiles Kaboom

Steer the plane and avoid or kill the missiles to survive.

App Store Google Play2016-08

Steal Diamond

Play to steal, and steal to win!

Google Play2016-07

Frozen Moons

Defend an arctic base on the frozen moon of Jupiter from being overrun by an invasion of aliens.


Puzzle Fuzz

A puzzle RPG about reaching level infinity!


Battleborn Tap

Battleborn Tap is a free to play tapping game with idle mechanics, where you will lead a band of badass heroes on their mission to protect the universe’s very last star from a mysterious group of evil enemies.

App Store Google Play2016-05

Happy Potato

Jump Happy Potato through the Cloud's as he Happy jumps UP UP UP to get back to his Potato Wife! She has a SPECIAL SECRET waiting for him at the Top of the Sky!

Google Play Free Google Play Paid Facebook Youtube2016-05


With over 7,000 beautifully designed cards in 420+ collections, PackRat is the largest casual card collecting game on the planet! Collect, trade, and sell cards with friends from around the globe.

Web App Store Google Play2016-05


Swipe to race your greedy little bug through endless levels of coin collecting, bug zapping mayhem!!

App Store2016-05

Keep a Lot

Keep a Lot is a new twist on the old classic game of dots & boxes but now in a full featured board game with strategic elements, and also a brain teaser that is very challenging. The objective of the game is to win all the boards, lot by lot, through 30 difficult levels, planting trees and using offensive tools against a smart opponent that always fights back.

App Store2016-04

Cloudy Shaman

You are a shaman who works at an airport. Tap and swipe to clear the sky. Different clouds need different rituals to get cleared. The game was made at Global Game Jam 2016

Google Play Airapport2016-04

Frenchie Quest

Frenchie Quest is a side-scrolling adventure game about my 2 French Bulldogs named Ganon and Loki. Embark on an adventure across a mysterious island where you’ll face many different creatures, monsters and other sorts of trouble.

App Store Google Play Homepage Facebook2016-04


It's all about rotation… The goal is to rotate blocks one by one in order to create and destroy full lines on the screen both vertical and horizontal having minimum 5 squares in a line with same color. Be careful and keep the blocks from filling the screen!

Google Play YouTube Facebook in4ray2016-04

Puppet Football League Spain 2016

Shoot, kick and score goals in the most addicting football game of the year! 20 puppet teams — 100+ cartoon puppets — Special power ups: chewing gum, ice, slime, gypsum, super power, spring, speed — Splitscreen multiplayer

Google Play YouTube NOXGAMES Facebook2016-04

Kuuboo Free

The game that requires dexterity and strategy. Removes colored squares with the central square of the same color. To move the center square, press on an empty space. Watch Out! The colored squares can come from anywhere. You are fast and smart, then downloads KUUBOO!

App Store Google Play Homepage Facebook2016-04

Ladybird Piano Tiles

It's very easy but addictive game! Just tap the white ladybirds to play music and don't tap black ones! Enjoy the greatest clasic and folk piano songs, train your fingers to be the best!

Google Play2016-04

So Long Earth

So Long Earth is a game designed to tell the story of Dominique Fayar, a french mafia member who found refuge in space after Earth's destruction.

Steam Store Page2016-04

Super MatchUp Memory Game

Matching the same cards to improve memory skills and concentration for all ages. You can play the existing levels or you can build your own one.

Google Play2015-03

Farm Animals GONE WILD

The local farms hold a terrible secret… The farm animals are being experimented on by evil farmers bent on world domination! In Farm Animals GONE WILD, you can be the hero that helps the animals escape from the clutches of the villainous farmers.

App Store Google Play — 2016-03

Rednator: Space Invaders War

Eliminate the space invaders from the galaxy in this amazing space battle game. Destroy all kinds of aliens on board of your super spaceship. Collect the super powers in the space, follow the missions and rescue the astronauts. At the end eliminate the red star power. Thanks Gamua for Starling!

YouTube App Store Google Play2016-03


HueShark is a game of Funny survival showing a troll shark and a family trying to seek rescue at sea.


Vegas 21 Casino

The #1 free to play Casino Game app! Featuring TriPeaks Solitaire & Video Bingo, Las Vegas Style Slot Machines, an exciting High Stakes Blackjack Table, and more. Beat the house in Blackjack and test your skills in Poker; win up to 1 MILLION chips in our Recurring Challenges.

Google Play2016-02

Monster Let's FIGHT!

Let's start to enjoy a Tower Defense on mobile!

App Store Google Play2016-02

Skyscraper Building

Touch the screen to place the block on top of the previous block. Be sure to place it in the same place as the previous in order to not break the block and make it smaller.

Web Google Play2016-02

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