Showcase — 2015

Unicorn Pixy

In a colorful world fairy Pixy Unicorn lives. He likes very much to run in beautiful landscapes. In his adventures the funny hero jumps on hills, visits a meadow and leaps on logs over a wide pond. On the way Pixy Unicorn meets a lot of obstacles. It is necessary to make artful jumps over them.

Google Play2015-12

Breakout Arkanu

Breakout Arkanu is a fresh take on the Breakout / Arkanoid genre introducing some new mechanics such as storing a bonus for later and fun bonus effects. The nunus – mischievous creatures that come out of the bricks to make your life harder help keep the game intriguing and exciting. While playing the game you will be immersed in the world of fun and entertainment.

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Wormix is a turn-based tactical game like worms where you can fight on PvP and against the computer or your friends using dozens of weapon types and countless combat strategies.

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Ghosts of Memories

Master the powers of an ancient scepter and set out on a journey across intertwined dimensions in this stunningly beautiful puzzle-adventure mobile game.

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Zink Colors


Zink is a new logic game for players and makers. Thousands of levels are waiting for you to be solved. Zink has an always growing story mode and a never-ending community level repository, you'll always have something new to Zink about. Become the best zinker!

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Get to know the hilarious Bumbous, these beings which live in unique and unknown islands. These little creatures love to create other different Bumbous. It will be your mission to help them in this task of creating hundreds of the most varied specimens ever imagined.

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City Monkey : Online Battle

Online multiplayer turn-based artillery game. Choose your weapon strategically, customize your character, chat with your opponent and get on top of the ranking !

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This new card game concept is unique and exclusive and easy to understand and accessible to all! If you know how to count up to 13, you can play Stratolitaire!

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LavaJato: Corrupts Behing Bars

Follow the LavaJato missions and put all the crooks, corrupt and thieves behind the bars. They are extorting riches of a people.

Google Play2015-10

JFrog: A Frog in a Bog

This frog jumper game requires a lot of control and precision. Make the frog jump through the turtles and leafs. Avoid falling into the water and touching the toad. The dangers increase, floating objects appear in ever greater speed and greater spacing. Advance as much as you can.

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TapLogos: Tap Football Logos

Start up this incredible free tapping game by choosing your favorite soccer logo. Select it from our long list of logos. After choosing your favorite football logo, start playing by tapping fast all the logos coming. But be careful! You cannot tap your favorite logo, whistles, red and yellow cards. Think and act fast to succeed in this free tap tap game.

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Mountain Monster

Now you can play your Mountain Monster flash game on iPhone! Get in your favourite 4×4 car and show us how good you are at mountain driving. Complete the levels as fast as you can, pick up every coin, do front and backflips, be in the air as long as you can or do wheelies and see you on the top of the leaderboard! We used Snapdragon ANE for the iOS specific features.

App Store2015-10

Last Real Hero

Last Real Hero is a free, cross-platform “sky shooter”-genre sidescroller by independent developer Adam Golden. Rescue civilians during an invasion of mindless aggressors. Current features include powerups, combos, collectibles, a unique set of objectives per stage, day and night cycles / lighting simulation, debris effects, multi-touch support and hot-seat multiplayer.

Website/Flash Direct APK Downloads AIR Application2015-10


Cavernaut is a new interpretation of the classic cave flyer genre for today's smart mobile devices. Players navigate a spaceship through a mine below the surface of a remote planet while collecting luminum crystals and the parts of long-lost alien relics. They must dodge hazards, like laser beams or mines, and periodically land on fuel stations in order to make it to the exit of the cave.

App Store2015-09


Toadly is a beautiful and fun puzzle game where you are a toad and overcome obstacles to get to the goal. You have a vast array of powerups, allowing you to hop, hang glide, jet pack, ride on turtles, bounce on mushrooms, teleport, and more! There are multiple solutions for each level, but for added fun, try to collect all the stars!

Play Store App Store2015-09

Pixel Fodder

Pixel Fodder is a old school platformer with a fully destructible world, a large choice of characters, incredible dynamics and gigaliters of 8-bit meat. Use all power of the pixels to defeat the bad guys and restore justice in this world! Create your own adventures in the map editor, or find out the whole story of Pixel Fodder Heroes campaign mode.

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The Hidden Truth

Help Laura to get the best news and exclusives. Discover corrupt plots and conspiracies, mysterious events and crime scenes. Expose the truth to your readers! Solve hidden object scenes, solve puzzles, find the differences, obtain and use special cards to get new exclusives before no one else, and challenge your friends to solve the scene faster.

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“Scribbled Arena” is a thrilling multiplayer experience where high skills are rewarded.    Take charge of your tank and head-on for real-time challenges with your facebook friends or any other player. Use all your mean skills to upgrade the perfect battle vehicles i.e. Rust, Raven and Sting. Different tanks, weapons and power-ups can customize a battle vehicle that suit your play style.

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Domi Domi Nature Shapes

Enter the enchanting world of cute creatures of forest, garden and seas with Domi Domis! Let your child enjoy beautiful and peaceful environment where they can train shape and color recognition, practice sorting, and improve their fine motor skills through meaningful play.

AppStore App Webpage Youtube2015-08

Dirty Paws

Help Hera and Sooky dig for gems and treasure. DirtyPaws is an action side scroller game based on digging for treasure. Upgrade your ride and play some slots! Free to play Arcade side scroller.

iOS Store Google Play Store Amazon Store2015-08


Logicle is a simple, intuitive game that will challenge your brain. Get rid of the circles by swiping the screen and changing their colours.

Google Play2015-08


Educative tower defense game. Learn to digest food as and when they arrive into the body by arranging the digestive organs in the right order while giving them the right power. You have to act fast and be strategic in order to deal with the increasingly rapid and complex foods’ attacks. Be also careful not to dehydrate yourself during digestion!

App Store Google Play2015-05

Space Hangman

Challenge and trap your Facebook friends to find as many words as possible and become the smartest alien of the galaxy. Participate in the “Smart Aliens” contest to decode the messages sent from Earth. Available on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad!

App Store Google Play2015-06

Magenta Arcade

Magenta Arcade is a finger-based top-down shooter by Long Hat House. Become a god! Your finger is a weapon, but also your greatest weakness. Know when to touch the screen to attack or retract to defend yourself! Game made with care for the touch-screen!

App StoreGoogle Play Website — 2015-07


H 3 7 7 0 Y 0 U !
Get ready for some adrenaline pumped puzzle action !

App Store Google Play Website — 2015-07

Superstring 2

Superstring 2 is a Mac & Windows application that lets musicians create their own music videos. With Superstring 2, musicians can create absolutely beautiful music videos in just minutes.

Website Mac App Store2015-07

3 Candy: Gems and Dragons

There is nothing that relieves stress and improves mood, like a game of 3 candy! Here you can find exciting adventures of the world “three-in-a-row” and funny dragon will help you quickly get used to it!

App Store Google Play2015-07

TinyBud Adventures

Simple Platform Game. * Adventure. * 24 Levels. * Simple sounds and Graphics * Simple Controls * Built with CITRUS ENGINE

Google Play2015-06

Candy Bag

How much candy can you earn? What's the imps' secret? You won't learn it, if you don't have the courage to touch the candybag. You may think: 'Oh a candy came out!' Maybe there're more inside, who knows? Find out and become the greatest candy millionaire ever!

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Star Maze

In StarMaze you will explore cosmic locations to find stars. Your main role is to move meteorites on map so that they form a path to the stars. You plan your route, but be careful: Your every movement is crucial. With this game you have the opportunity to educate your mind in a new way!

Google Play | Homepage2015-06

My Match HD

My Match HD is an awesome beautiful card matching memory game. Challenge your heart and mind and relax. Have fun. It has leaderboards and achievements. Thanks to AIR and Starling. Check it out!

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The game that requires dexterity and strategy. Removes colored squares with the central square of the same color. To move the center square, press on an empty space. Watch Out! The colored squares can come from anywhere. You are fast and smart, then downloads KUUBOO!

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Dot Heroes: Woop Woop Ninja

This is a game for every casual player with … some RPG elements. I tried to combine well known casual game mechanics with some sort of long term motivation stuff. I also decided to put some RPG elements to the game. Sounds crazy? Try it out!

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Deeply Absurd Chain

This is a clever, relaxing puzzle. Connect, discover and upgrade: Regular stone → Warm-blooded stone → Not very clever life form → Stupidly cute young creature → … Can you continue? While the rules are simple you should master the strategy of the game to discover the entire chain.

App Store Google Play2014-02


Unique graphics, story telling features, music, captions! All you need to read, tell, play and interact with the kid's tales! Currently in Greek language. More unique tales to come. Stay tuned!

App Store Google Play2015-02

StarMaze Lite

Collect as many stars as You can in the space maze. A puzzle game where the main objective is to collect all the stars on the map and then back to the space lander. Your main role is to move rocks on map to allow Your character to collect choosen star. You plan your route, but be careful you don't have much time and every movement is crucial.

Google Play Homepage2015-02

Tower Defence

This is a tower defense game. Attack enemy soldiers can get experience points (EXP), efforts to upgrade their skills in order to defeat stronger enemies.

Google Play2015-02


Celerity is a free arcade game on Android with a frenetic gameplay. This game provides 8 modes.

Google Play2015-01

King Of 2048

A different way to play 2048. 80 levels, 4 new modes, very hard!!!

Google Play App Store2015-01

Puppet Soccer Champions 2014

Smash the football and score goals in this addicting soccer game! Pick your team, play as your favorite footballer and score as many goals as you can! Pass, shoot, dribble, foul—it's all here. Play in single player mode or team up with a friend for the awesome 2-player mode.

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Galaxy Ten

Galaxy Ten is a space themed tapping game. Galaxy is changing in every 10 blocks. There are 10 galaxies to be reached.

Google Play Youtube2015-01

Push The Red Button 2

Contains 5 new challenges for your brain and fingers, in which you can try yourself again! We used Snapdragon ANE for the iOS specific features.

App Store2015-01

Bang Up Box

Bang up Box is a combination of wild labyrinths and a next-generation pinball machine, all in a mysterious world with both friendly and very unsavory characters.

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Puppet Ice Hockey

Funniest Ice hockey is finally here. Faceoff, bodycheck, slapshot, GOAL! Winter continue of popular Puppet Soccer 2014 (2,000,000+ downloads) featuring improved graphics, more variable gameplay, new funny power-ups (farty rocket). It is very easy and fun to play for casual players.

Google Play App Store Youtube2015-01

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