Project Setup

This project setup guides assume that you've already set up your IDE and the necessary SDKs. If you haven't done so yet, look here to find out how to do that.

Using SWCs

The Citrus Engine provides different SWCs depending the builds you need, including all the external libraries needed. For example, if you pick-up the CEV*-*-*-Starling-Box2D.swc file, it includes Starling with some extensions classes, Dragon Bones and Box2D libraries. By using a SWC, it will improve the compilation time and import just the part of the engine you need. For instance there won't be any Away3D and Nape stuff if you have chosen a Starling & Box2D build.

Important: SWCs are compiled code, it means their source code can't be changed. However if you grab the concerned class on the GitHub and add it to your project using the same name and package (you will have to create the package), at the compilation your IDE will choose the AS file. This way you can easily modify engine code, and offer improvement or report bug fix!

Using source code

By using source code you will quickly be able to modify the engine to fit your needs. It will also help to understand how the Citrus Engine works showing commented code.

Download everything into the GitHub. The folders are :

  • lib : external libraries SWC used.
  • src : engine source code.
  • srclib : external libraries AS code.

You need to add everything into your IDE.

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