God Rays

Daniel Sperl
Atmospheric lighting, like the typical effects you see underwater or in a forest.
light, god ray, sun ray


A quad that efficiently draws a 2D light ray effect on its surface. That's useful for adding atmospheric effects, like the typical effects you see underwater or in a forest. (Demo Source.)

Play around with the different settings to make it suit the style you want. In addition to the class-specific properties, you can also assign an overall color or different colors per vertex.

Add it to a juggler or call advanceTime so that the effect becomes animated.

var godRays:GodRayPlane = new GodRayPlane(320, 200);
godRays.color = 0xff8000;
godRays.speed = 0.1;  // animation speed
godRays.size = 0.1;   // number of rays ~= 1 / size
godRays.skew = 0;     // angle of rays
godRays.shear = 0;    // spread of angle
godRays.fade = 1;     // rays fade out towards the bottom
godRays.contrast = 1; // distinctiveness and brightness of the rays
Internally, the class creates a Perlin noise texture. Each frame, only one pixel row of this texture is displayed – stretched from top to bottom. The displayed row changes over time: this is what causes the rays to twinkle. By adjusting the texture coordinates, the angle and spread of rays can be determined.

Since most of the work is done in a shader, this effect is very lightweight and renders really fast. A MeshStyle, together with a MeshEffect, does the heavy lifting.


  • 2017/10/10: First public version
  • 2021/01/15: Exposed 'textureOffset' property. Thanks to aureliendc for the pull request!

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