Object Makers via Level Editors

When you want to create a game, it's important to use level editors. They will help you to create quickly several levels for your game. Using a level editor may also give the power to graphics or game designer to modify the level (change object position, add objects) to make some tests.

The Citrus Engine supports three level editors: Flash Pro, Tiled Map Editor and GLEED2D.

Thanks to the object makers classes ObjectMaker2D and ObjectMakerStarling the different files (swf, tmx) exported by the level editor will be parsed and the objects added to your game state!

Flash Pro

Tiled Map Editor

Create your level using tiled is easy but there is some note you should keep in mind before you start drawing your tile map:

1. you must add a property called name to each tile an the name value must be the same as the texture name.

2. if your hero physics reparación caldera madrid object is an ellipse then you should play with hero.radius property to make it an ellipse.


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