Say hello to Feathers. Light-weight, skinnable, and extensible UI components for mobile and desktop. Feathers puts it all together in one package — along with blazing fast GPU powered graphics (courtesy of Starling Framework) to create a smooth and responsive experience.

Feathers is free and open source. Feathers runs on Starling Framework and the Adobe Flash runtimes, including Adobe AIR on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS X and Adobe Flash Player in desktop browsers.


Trying out Feathers for the first time? The following tutorials should help.

Looking for quick recipes that show you how to do common tasks using Feathers?

Feathers Components

Display Objects

Custom Starling display objects included with Feathers for skinning. These display objects are designed to scale up to any size without distortion.


A more detailed look at each of the layout algorithms that Feathers provides.

A bit further down, you can find number of articles that go into detail about the Feathers layout architecture and how to create custom layouts.

Skinning and Themes

Custom Components

Often, applications and games need components that don't come standard in a user interface library. The following articles will help you get started developing custom components on top of Feathers.

Custom Item Renderers

Item renderers are custom components used by lists to display items from the data provider. They have a few extra considerations to keep in mind.

Custom Layouts

All Feathers components that support the built-in layouts also support custom layouts.

Advanced UI


Feathers Community

Contributing to Feathers

Would you like to contribute a bug fix or new feature to Feathers? Please open a Pull Request on the Feathers Github project.

Extensions and Components

The following community projects are built on Feathers. Feel free to share your components and extensions in the Feathers forum.

Platform UI Guidelines

Please take a look at the official documentation linked below for the platforms that Feathers supports. Become familiar with the guidelines for each platform, and try to tailor your application's experience to the specific platform that your code is running on at any given moment. Cross-platform user interface libraries like Feathers can be convenient and powerful, but do not forget that you are responsible for meeting the expectations of your users on each platform. One size rarely fits all.

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