Using AIR with ASC 1

It's highly recommended to use the latest ASC 2 compiler. This section is provided just for reference, e.g. if you're stuck with Flash Builder 4.6.

The ASC 1 compiler is available as a component from the open source Flex SDK. To compile a Starling application for Desktop, you need the Flex SDK; to target mobile or standalone desktop apps, you need the AIR SDK, as well.

You need at least Flex 4.6 and AIR 3.4. Get the latest version of those SDKs here.

When merging the AIR SDK with the Flex SDK, do not download the “AIR SDK & Compiler”. Look for the download links in the section further down the page that starts with the following text, “Note: Flex users will need to download the original AIR SDK without the new compiler.”
Merge Flex and AIR SDKs

To install and use a new AIR SDK with ASC 1, you need to overlay it on an existing Flex SDK. This is a bit more tricky on a Mac than on Windows, because OS X does not merge folders by default.

  1. Duplicate the folder containing your current Flex SDK.
    (In Flash Builder 4.6, that folder is “sdks/4.6.0”)
  2. Now merge the new AIR SDK into that folder.
    • On Windows, simply move the contents of the AIR SDK folder into the Flex SDK folder.
    • On OS X, use the ditto command on the terminal to merge folders:
      ditto <src-dir> <dest-dir> (this will merge a copy of src-dir into dest-dir)
  3. Update your IDE's settings so that it uses this SDK when building a project.

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