The Starling Manual

The Starling framework allows you to create hardware accelerated applications in ActionScript 3. The main target is the creation of 2D games, but Starling can be used for any graphical application.

Starling's API is very similar to the native Flash API. It provides almost the same set of classes and functions, which makes it easy for experienced Flash developers to make the transition from the conventional display list to stage3D accelerated content.

Part I: The Basics

This part provides an introduction to developers who want to learn the basic principles of Starling. If you follow these documents, you should be able to start developing your first project with Starling.


Display Objects

Event Handling


Part II: Advanced Topics

This part requires some basic experience with Starling. It contains information that will help you to write more efficient code and tackle more challenging tasks.

Advanced Techniques

Mobile Development


Before you Start

If you find yourself stuck one time, don't hesitate to look into the source code of Starling. All Starling source code was designed to be as readable and understandable as possible. Method and property names were chosen carefully so that everything does exactly what you would expect. There are no vicious side effects or unknown traps. Just learn Starling by doing! The small fella won't bite you, promised! :-P

First section: Introduction

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