PowerFlasher FDT

This document aims to help you set up FDT to use with Starling for desktop and mobile development.

You might notice that it's rather sparse at the moment. Any FDT developers, please help us out by extending this document!

If you find an error or a missing step, or if you have some other suggestion that might make things clearer for beginners, please help us out by enhancing this document! Just hit one of the Edit buttons and write away.

General Setup

Project Setup

  • Just drop the starling.swc library (found in the starling/bin folder of the Starling download) into the lib folder and start developing.
  • Remember to set the wmode to direct in an html file (for SWF projects) or <renderMode>direct</renderMode> in the app descriptor/FDTs mobile properties (for AIR projects).
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