Feathers Extensions

This project adds controls (Canvas, Datagrid, Tree, ViewNavigator, TabbedViewNavigator) to Feathers UI.
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This project add controls to Feathers UI :

  • Canvas control supports basic vector drawing functionality.
  • CircleProgress control displays the progress of a task over time.
  • DataGrid control displays a row of column headings above a scrollable grid. The grid is arranged as a collection of individual cells arranged in rows and columns. The DataGrid control is designed to support smooth scrolling through large numbers of rows and columns.
  • PinchingControl that allows a pinch to zoom mechanic using the multitouch inputs of a mobile device.
  • ViewNavigatorApplication adds persitence manager and swipe views (or screens to navigate in the history of views) to feathers.controls.StackScreenNavigator.
  • TabbedViewNavigatorApplication allows persitence manager, swipe views or swipe navigators and drag tabs.
  • Toaster provides simple feedback about an operation in a small popup.
  • Tree control lets a user view hierarchical data arranged as an expandable tree. Each item in a tree can be a leaf or a branch. A leaf item is an end point in the tree. A branch item can contain leaf or branch items, or it can be empty.
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