How to compile Starling Builder demo

We used IntelliJ IDEA as IDE and the project files are checked in. For other IDEs you need to create the project files yourselves.

IntelliJ IDEA

  • Intall AIR SDK 19+ and IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition
  • Checkout the repo using:
    git clone
  • Open IntelliJ IDEA, goto File → Open, then point to the directory of the git repo
  • Goto File → Project Structure → SDKs, create a FLEX/AIR SDK named AIRSDK.
  • Goto Run → Edit Configurations, create a Flash App Run/Debug Configuration and choose the demo/demo_web build config
  • Run the configuration just created

Flash Builder

  • Intall AIR SDK 19+ and Flash Builder 4.7
  • Checkout the repo using:
    git clone
  • Goto menu File → New → ActionScript Mobile Project, select starling-builder-engine folder
  • Set the following ActionScript Build Path
Source pathsrc, demo/src
Library pathdemo/libs
  • Right click demo/src/ → Set as Default App
  • Launch the app

Build with Ant

  • Intall AIR SDK 19+ and Apache Ant
  • Checkout the repo using:
    git clone
  • open demo/buildscript/, change airsdk.root to point to your AIR sdk location. Windows user should also append .exe to property adl
  • cd demo/buildscript and type ant to build

Edit the layout files inside demo project

  • Download Starling Builder editor and demo_workspace at
  • Open the editor, extract demo_workspace and set it as your workspace folder
  • Open the layout files used in the project (under demo/src/starlingbuilder/demo/layouts folder), save them when you are done editing.

Scaffold project

While the demo project demonstrates most of the features the editor supports, you may not need all of them in your project. There's also a scaffold folder inside starling-builder-engine/scaffold, it provides a minimal boilerplate code to get you started. You can setup the scaffold project just like the demo project.

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