How to compile Starling Builder editor

We used IntelliJ IDEA as IDE and the project files are checked in. For other IDEs you need to create the project files yourselves.


  • Intall AIR SDK 19+ and IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition
  • Checkout the repo using:
    git clone --recursive
  • Open IntelliJ IDEA, goto File → Open, then point to the directory of the git repo
  • Goto File → Project Structure → SDKs, create a FLEX/AIR SDK named AIRSDK.
  • Goto Run → Edit Configurations, create a Flash App Run/Debug Configuration and choose the dev build config
  • Run the configuration just created

Flash Builder

  • Intall AIR SDK 19+ and Flash Builder 4.7
  • Checkout the repo using:
    git clone --recursive
  • Goto menu File → New → ActionScript Project, choose Desktop and select starling-builder-editor folder
  • Set the following ActionScript Build Path
Source pathsrc, starling-builder-engine/src, package
Library pathlibs
  • Right click src/starlingbuilder/editor/ → Set as Default App
  • Launch the app

Build with Ant

  • Intall AIR SDK 19+ and Apache Ant
  • Checkout the repo using:
    git clone --recursive
  • open starling-builder-editor/buildscript/, change airsdk.root to point to your AIR sdk location. Windows user should also append .exe to property adl
  • cd buildscript and type ant to build
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